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TheJeep Renegade(BU) is asubcompactcrossover SUV(mini SUVin Europe) produced byJeep. It is built inMelfi, Italyalongside the relatedFiat 500X, with which it shares its platform which is based onSmall US Wide 4×4 architecture. It was first shown to the public in March 2014 at theGeneva Motor Showand mass-production started in late August of that year. The Renegade is the first Jeep product to be produced exclusively outside ofNorth Americaand will sell in South African, European, North American, and Brazilian markets.

The Renegade offers two four-wheel drive systemsActive Drive IandActive Drive Low, both of which are paired with Jeep’sSelec-Terrain System. It also has an availableMy Skydual panel removable roof. TheMy Skycan be either retracted like a standard sunroof or removed completely for a more open-air experience, similar to that of theJeep Wrangler.

At one time it was believed that the Renegade would replace the Compass and Patriot in the Jeep lineup, but the Renegade has since been clearly identified by Jeep as being in a smaller class than the MK twins.