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TheJeep Patriot(MK) is acompactcrossover SUVintroduced in early 2007 byJeep. It debuted publicly in April 2006 at theNew York Auto Showalong with the same MK platformCompass. The two are essentially the same except the Freedom Drive II (FDII) package is only available on the Patriot making the Patriot the most expensive vehicle built on the MK platform. Up until the introduction ofJeep Renegadein 2015, the Patriot remained Jeep’s lowest-level entry, and still remains one of the lowest priced SUV-styled crossovers inNorth Americato date (it is by far the lowest-priced new SUV sold inCanada).

The Patriot and the Compass are slated to be phased out by 2018 and be replaced by an SUV with one of the two models’ names.