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This cd obtains wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins, containing wiring diagram changes from the domestic and import manufacturers. These are checked for accuracy and are all redrawn into a consistent format for easy use.

In the past, when cars were simpler, diagrams were simpler. All components were connected by wires and diagrams seldom exceeded 4 pages in length. Today, some wiring diagrams require more than 16 pages. It would be impractical to expect a service technician to trace a wire from page 1 across every page to page 16.

Removing some of the wiring maze reduces eyestrain and time wasted searching across several pages. Today the majority of these diagrams follow a much improved format, which permits space for internal switch details.

Wiring diagrams are drawn in a "top-down" format. The

diagrams are drawn with the power source at the top of the diagram and the ground point at the bottom of the diagram. Components locations are identified on the wiring diagrams. Any wires that dont connect directly to a component are identified on the diagram to indicate where they go.



Color Normal Optional

Black BLK BK


Brown BRN BN

Clear CLR CR

Dark Blue DK BLU DK BU

Dark Green DK GRN DK GN

Green GRN GN


Light Blue LT BLU LT BU

Light Green LT GRN LT GN

Orange ORG OG


Purple PPL PL



Violet VIO VI

White WHT WT

Yellow YEL YL


NOTE: Abbreviations used on these diagrams are normally

self-explanatory. If necessary see ABBREVIATIONS



NOTE: Standard wiring symbol are used in these diagrams. The

illustration below will help clarify any symbols that are not easily understood at a glance. Most components are labeled "Motor", "Switch" or "Relay" in addition to being drawn with the standard symbol.

(*§) LIGHT (Single Element)


50E03637 Fig. 1: Identifying Wiring Diagram Symbols


When trying to locate a component in a wiring diagram and you dont know the specific system where it is located, use this handy component locator to find the system wiring diagram in which the component is located. Then, go to that system and locate the component within the wiring diagram.

For example, if you dont know the specific system in which the ignition switch is located, look up ignition switch in the wiring diagram component location tables and go to the appropriate wiring diagram(s) which contain either full or partial views of the ignition switch. The full view of the ignition switch is located in Power Distribution.

The first listing for the component will be the full or most complete view of the component. Additional listings will be partial views of the component. Not all components are used on all models.

All components will have a partial view in Ground Distribution and Power Distribution. Data Link Connectors show connecting circuits between modules. Alternate names for components may be listed in wiring diagram component locations tables.


Component Wiring Diagram

ABS Electronic Control Unit Anti-Lock Brakes

Data Link Connectors

ABS Hydraulic Unit Anti-Lock Brakes

Acceleration Sensor Anti-Lock Brakes

Accessory Delay Relay Power Windows

A/C Compressor Clutch Relay Engine Performance

A/C Sensor Engine Performance

A/C Pressure Switch Engine Performance

Adaptive Lamp Control Module Exterior Lights

Air Bag(s) Air Bag Restraint System

Air Bag Module Air Bag Restraint System

Air Bag Sensor (s) Air Bag Restraint System

Air Injection Pump Relay Engine Performance

Air Temperature Sensor Overhead Console

Alternator (Generator) Generators & Regulators

Anti-Theft Control Module Anti-Theft System


Autolamp Control Relay Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Automatic Shutdown (ASD) Relay Engine Performance

Generators & Regulators

Autostick Switch Engine Performance

Auxiliary Battery Relay Generators & Regulators

Back-Up Lights Back-Up Lights

Exterior Lights

Barometric (BARO) Pressure Sensor Engine Performance

Battery Power Distribution

Battery Temperature Sensor Engine Performance

Body Control Module Body Control Computer

Anti-Theft System

Daytime Running Lights

Engine Performance

Headlight Systems

Warning Systems

Boost Control Solenoid Engine Performance

Boost Sensor Engine Performance

Brake Fluid Level Switch Analog Instrument Panels

Brake On/Off (BOO) Switch Cruise Control Systems

Engine Performance Shift Interlock Systems

Buzzer Module Warning Systems

Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor Engine Performance

Central Control Module Anti-Theft System

Clockspring Air Bag Restraint System

Cruise Control Systems Steering Column Switches

Clutch Pedal Position Switch Starters

Clutch Start Switch Starters

Combination Meter Analog Instrument Panels

Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) Engine Performance

Electric Cooling Fans

Convenience Center Power Distribution

Illumination/Interior Lights

Convertible Top Motor Power Convertible Top

Convertible Top Switch Power Convertible Top

Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Engine Performance

Cruise Control Module Cruise Control Systems

Cruise Control Switch Cruise Control Systems

Condenser Fan Relay(s) Electric Cooling Fans

Data Link Connector (DLC) Engine Performance

Daytime Running Lights Module Daytime Running Lights

Exterior Lights

Defogger Relay Rear Window Defogger

Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module (DERM) ... Air Bag Restraint System

Discriminating Sensor (Air Bag) Air Bag Restraint System

Distributor Engine Performance

Door Lock Actuators Power Door Locks

Remote Keyless Entry

Door Lock Relay (s) Power Door Locks

Electrochromic Mirror Power Mirrors

Electronic Level Control (ELC)

Height Sensor Electronic Suspension

Electronic Level Control (ELC) Module Electronic Suspension

Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT)

Sending Unit Analog Instrument Panels

Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Engine Performance

Engine Control Module Engine Performance

Generators & Regulators Starters

ETACS ECU Warning Systems

Power Windows Remote Keyless Entry

Evaporative (EVAP) Emissions Canister Engine Performance

EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid Engine Performance

EVAP Canister Vent Solenoid Engine Performance

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Engine Performance

Fuel Tank Vacuum Sensor Engine Performance

Fog Lights Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Fog Light Relay Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Fuel Door Release Solenoid Power Fuel Door Release

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Analog Instrument Panels

Fuel Injectors Engine Performance

Fuel Pump Engine Performance

Fuel Pump Relay Engine Performance

Power Distribution

Fuse/Relay Block Power Distribution

Fusible Links Power Distribution

Generators & Regulators

Generator Generators & Regulators

Engine Performance

Power Distribution

Generic Electronic Module (GEM) Body Control Modules

Electronic Suspension

Glow Plug Relay Engine Performance

Glow Plugs Engine Performance

Grounds Ground Distribution

Headlight Door Module Headlight Doors

Headlight Relay Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Headlights Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Heated Oxygen Sensor(s) (HO2S) Engine Performance

Heated Windshield Control Module Heated Windshields

Height Sensor Electronic Suspension

Horns Steering Column Switches

Horn Relay Steering Column Switches

Idle Air Control (IAC) Motor/Valve Engine Performance

Ignition Coil (s) Engine Performance

Ignition Key Lock Cylinder Anti-Theft System

Ignition Module Engine Performance

Ignition Switch Power Distribution

Engine Performance

Generators & Regulators


Illuminated Entry Module Illumination/Interior Lights

Illumination Lights Illumination/Interior Lights

Impact Sensor Air Bag Restraint System

Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch Engine Performance

Inhibit Relay Starters

Instrument Cluster Analog Instrument Panels

Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Engine Performance

Interior Lights Illumination/Interior Lights

Interlock Switch Starters

Junction Block Power Distribution

Keyless Entry Receiver Remote Keyless Entry

Key Reminder Switch Starters

Knock Sensor Engine Performance

Lamp Control Module Exterior Lights

License Plate Lamp Exterior Lights

Lighting Control Module Lighting Control Modules

Anti-Theft System

Daytime Running Lights

Headlight Systems

Lower Relay Power Convertible Top

Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Engine Performance

Instrument Panels

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Engine Performance

Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor Engine Performance

Mega Fuse Generators & Regulators

Memory Seat/Mirror Module Memory Systems

Mirror Defogger Rear Window Defogger

Moon Roof Motor Power Moon Roof

Moon Roof Relay Power Moon Roof

Multi-Function Control Module Warning Systems

Neutral Safety Switch Starters

Oil Level Switch Engine Performance

Oil Pressure Switch/Sending Unit Analog Instrument Panels

Engine Performance

Overhead Console Overhead Console

Oxygen Sensor(s) (O2S) Engine Performance

Parking Brake Switch Analog Instrument Panels

Park Lights Exterior Lights

Park/Neutral Position Switch Starters

Engine Performance

Anti-Theft System

Body Control Module

Perimeter Lighting Control Relay Exterior Lights

Power Amplifier Power Antennas

Power Antenna Module Power Antennas

Power Antenna Motor Power Antennas

Power Distribution Center Power Distribution

Generators & Regulators Starters

Power Door Lock Motors Power Door Locks

Power Mirror Motors Power Mirrors

Memory Systems

Power Sliding Door Controller Power Sliding Side Door

Power Seat Motors Power Seats

Memory Systems

Power Steering Pressure Switch Engine Performance

Power Top Motor Power Convertible Top

Power Top Relay(s) Power Convertible Top

Powertrain Control Module Engine Performance

Analog Instrument Panels

Cruise Control Systems

Data Link Connectors

Generators & Regulators


Power Window Motors Power Windows

Power Window Relay(s) Power Windows

Radiator Fan Motor(s) Electric Cooling Fans

Radiator Fan Relay(s) Engine Performance

Electric Cooling Fans

Rainsense Module Wiper/Washer Systems

Raise Relay Power Convertible Top

Remote Anti-Theft Personality (RAP) Module Anti-Theft System

Starters Warning Systems

Seat Belt Pretensioners Air Bag Restraint System

Seat Belt Retractor Solenoid Passive Restraints

Seat Belt Switch Air Bag Restraint System

Passive Restraints

Shift Interlock Solenoid Shift Interlock Systems

Shift Lock Actuator Shift Interlock Systems

Side Marker Lights Exterior Lights

SIR Coil Assembly (Clockspring) Air Bag Restraint System

Slip Ring (Clockspring) Air Bag Restraint System

Steering Column Switches

SRS Control Module Air Bag Restraint System

Starter Motor Starters

Starter Interrupt Relay Starters

Starter Solenoid Starters

Starter Relay Starters

Steering Wheel Position Sensor Anti-Lock Brakes

Stoplights Exterior Lights

Stoplight Switch Engine Performance

Cruise Control Systems Anti-Lock Brakes

Sun Roof ECU Power Sun Roof

Sun Roof Motor Power Sun Roof

Sun Roof Position Sensor Power Sun Roof

Taillights Exterior Lights

Throttle Position (TP) Sensor Engine Performance

Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid/Switch Engine Performance

Traction Control Switch Anti-Lock Brakes

Trailer Tow Connector Exterior Lights

Trailer Tow Relay Exterior Lights

Transmission/Transaxle Engine Performance

Transmission Control Module (TCM) Engine Performance


Transmission Range Sensor Starters

Back-Up Lights Engine Performance

Transmission Range Switch Back-Up Lights

Engine Performance Anti-Theft System

Turn Signal Flasher Exterior Lights

Turn Signal Lights Exterior Lights

Twilight Sentinel Switch Headlight Systems

Daytime Running Lights

Vapor Canister Leak Detection Pump Engine Performance

Vehicle Control Module (VCM) Engine Performance

Vehicle Dynamic Module Electronic Suspension

Vehicle Speed Control Servo Cruise Control Systems

Vehicle Speed Sensor Data Link Connectors

Analog Instrument Panels

Cruise Control Systems

Electronic Suspension

Voltage Regulator Generators & Regulators

Water-In-Fuel Sensor Engine Performance

Analog Instrument Panels

Wheel Speed Sensors Anti-Lock Brakes

Window Timer Module Power Convertible Top

Windshield Intermittent Wiper Relay Wiper/Washer Systems

Windshield Washer Motor Wiper/Washer Systems

Wiper Motor Wiper/Washer Systems