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1988 Jeep Cherokee

198 9 HEATER SYSTEMS Eagle Trouble Shooting


Little or No Air From Heater Floor Outlets.

Misadjusted heater air door cable. Obstructed heater housing or ducts. Clogged heater core fins. Leaking air duct seals.

Little or No Air From Defroster Outlets.

Defroster duct misaligned. Defroster cable incorrectly adjusted Leaking air duct seals. Defroster duct damaged.

Heat Output When Controls Are Off.

Outside air cable misadjusted Outside Air door binding in housing.

Not Enough Heat With Controls Fully On.

Low coolant or plugged heater core.

Incorrect thermostat.

Incorrect adjustment of cables.

Heater System Air Leaks.

Blend air door not in proper position.

Blower Will Not Run.

Blown fuse.

Loose connections or poor ground.

Faulty switch, motor or resistor.

Blower Runs But Does Not Circulate Air.

Intake blocked..

Fan not attached to motor shaft.